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Alma Boat Rental

Founded in 2005, Alma Boat Rental mission is to give customers a great experience during their holidays in Alghero.

We are constantly improving our boat selection and our customer service, in order to make the simply process of boat rental even simplier for you.

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Renting made simple

Find yacht rentals at over 2900 locations in the country from TanTum local brand.
It’s easy to rent a yacht!


Choose one of our boat

Speed, practicity or comfort?

Make A Booking

Send us a message to confirm the details and..

Enjoy Your Ride!

Explore Sardinian coasts freely

Return The Yacht

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what we offer

Boat Rental for Every Taste


Postcards from Sardinia

Many holidays get ruined because of some unhappy circumstances. In Alghero, your holiday will be a safe one. Whether you are in a catamaran off the coast of Sardinia or lying in your room in the Alma Hotel di Alghero, your belongings and yourself will be well-protected.


This feeling of safety is one reason why so many tourists choose to visit Alghero in their holidays.